Mission Statement

To implement strategies and solutions that foster economic sustainability and vitality through outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities in Modoc County. This can be achieved through marketing and promotion, community collaboration, networking and outreach, therefore, ensuring the conservation and preservation of Modoc’s natural, historical and cultural resources.

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Things To Do

From kayaking to skiing, there is so much to do in Modoc County that you'll have to come back again and again!

Wining and Dining

Italian? Mexican? Chinese? Buffet or Lakeside Candlelight? Modoc County offers a variety of cuisine to satisfy any appetite!

Camping and Accommodations

Pitching a tent, or rollin' in an RV? Or prefer more exquisite lodgings? Find out where to rest your head after a long day of exploring Modoc!

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Modoc County has a rich history and diverse cultural traditions.

MORT-ALS: Exploring, Open Spaces and Historic Traces....